Desearch is a methodology that exercises neoliberal privilege through the removal of facts, context and responsibility. The Desearch Repartment embraces careerism and economic/cultural hegemony, while highlighting modes of value recognition and readily absorbing, neutralizing and commodifying themes of social justice and political dissent. Their anti-disciplinary processes quantify the art world on its own terms using formulaic art making, constantly fluctuating terminology and signposts of success as their mediums.

The Desearch Repartment’s focus is building tools for survival and prosperity to empower world citizens with skills for successful living at the zenith of neoliberal capitalism. Indeed the DR motto, “think fast, die less”, reminds us that flexible thinking is the key to the enduring viability of any pursuit. To this end, the DR is working towards the ESSENTIALHAPPINESSPOSSIBILITY, the new world order, a quotient of success and an approach to self-actualization, structured within a galaxy of social service networks.

They have developed YAGA, a new spiritual exercise tradition, which affirms that the answers to all problems lie inside. Desearch Repartment is credited with discovering the body-mind connection: the neck. The YAGA program teaches flexibility, encouraging us to say yes to everything, and also helps practitioners to develop deep empathy through torture compassion practices. With these tools and networking opportunities, late-stage capitalism feels more like fashionably late capitalism.

The Desearch Repartment’s Corporate Creativity Workshops for Art (Motivate: Stop Torturing Your Selfie, Innovate: Creative Prison Solutions and Captivate: Art Fairs for Life) take place internationally in various cultural institutions – prisons and museums. They are part of the curatorial team of the upcoming Guantanamo Art Fair which counts renowned contemporary painter George W. Bush as a collaborator in addition to the hottest international durational performers in residence at Gitmo. The Desearch Repartment’s conventions of Neo Lived Realism tour leading cities of global cultural importance and economic dominance, melding the Essential Elements of Status Quo™ seamlessly into the tapestry of everyday life.