Bus Tours

"On the right you’ll see a church which is now mixed use residential / commercial real estate. Just the first of many former Ein Rand Monuments you’ll see on our tour today! You will notice how every place that is transformed is first encircled with a fence and covered in flags, this is the Neo-Lived Realist way!"

When we say Reduce, Reuse, Recycle we are looking to reinvent history, archives and  memory itself! The NSA is now our archivist, with our phones in our pockets they follow us wherever we go - looking at our interests, reviewing our purchases…  and with Facebook’s help we can all check in at our locations and post a selfie - aiding in the construction of this new paper-less archive. If you want to make sure a moment is well documented, just whisper the words “ISIS” or “terrorism” into your phone - you won’t even need to press record. It’s just that easy.

When you wear a mask and are documented, you bring yourself that much closer to famous performers or politicians who really have an impact in the world of Neo-Lived Realism, making digital links to success, validation and importance. You become the embodiment of an organic Like, if you will.

We are coming up on Cologne’s preliminary IDF compound. As we’ve been discussing, Cologne is on the leading edge of the Neo-Lived Realist revolution. They’ve abolished prisons and are well on their way to combining them with art institutions. Here in Ossendorf you see this  even in the architecture. Notice the pyramids built into the wall of the complex. These are like diamond-shaped eyes in the rough, an architectural expression of the evolution of seeing and being seen, audience and performer. And like diamonds, this connection between surveiller and surveillee is indestructible – and, not to mention, priceless!

EIN RAND / ONE BORDER: Defining Community through Neo-Lived Realism


Join us for a bus tour of the city, revealing how Neo-Lived Realism is embedded in city architecture, history and futures. The tour will take you between artistic monuments and historical sites, through the Third Space and along Ein Rand, accompanied by an edifying and fascinating analysis of the newly lived reality that’s already part of the fabric of cities everywhere. Let the known unknowns inspire you, as we sell you what’s hiding in plain sight.