Calgary IDF Pipeline Convention


We each bring our starbucks coffee to the mat, be it a cafe latte, frappuccino, or a flat white, let’s begin by taking a few sips, this will invigorate our Whi and start to dehydrate our Free Radicals. When the Free Radicals are dehydrated they move slowly, making it easier to lead and control them. 

Our bodies are like pieces of land, we need to protect our boundaries and surveil the movement of Free Radicals and Whi to stay healthy and productive while keeping open Whi trade with other body democracies around us.

Remember, Whi constantly floats freely across skin borders fueling privilege, producing power, and powering production. We enrich and enhance the labour of Neutralized Free Radicals with free exchange.

In these movements we want to privilege and colonize the spine. Free Radicals gather at the spine  but too much conflict makes an area less adaptable/inflexible. You may feel some resistance at first but keep practicing and eventually you will discover your authentic mastery. 

Now scan your body again and take note of the adjustments you’ve made, rebalancing the system in your favour. Take a moment to enjoy this sense of calm, you’ve expanded your inner social network, connecting with new followers and friends. Where you once felt emptiness and pain now feels full and active!

Indeed the DR motto, #ThinkFastDieLess, reminds us that flexible thinking is the key to the enduring viability of any pursuit. With the Neo-Lived Realist agenda and the Institute for Durational futures DR is leading the way to ESSENTIALHAPPINESSPOSSIBILITY.