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The Cologne Convention is an interactive site and the ideal environment for the practice of Torture Compassion.

Take part in a YAGA demonstration on both sides of Ein Rand/One Border fence, while a psychic drone documents your progress. A red-carpeted corporate logo wall of our friends and supporters invites you to be a collaborator: take a selfie and post it online to show all your friends what you support, whether it’s exploitation, colonialism, war crimes, slavery or simply tacit agreement with it all! Take another pic in front of our new institutional flag wall and implicate yourself in our ideologies. As Kanye says, “there are leaders and there are followers.” Which one are you? Then strap yourself in, bow down, and face the flags in our innovative YAGA cell. The Geneva Convention is printed poster size—you can disassemble it, and take a piece home to put on your wall. It is an idealistic time capsule, like an archive. Some day, maybe we’ll put it back together again.


Learn all you need to know about Neo-Lived Realism, the art and political movement taking the world by brainstorm. Beyond Adderall and the Algorithm: 6 things you need to know about ‘as if’ intelligence and its transformative powers, a lecture by happiness innovator and fourth-sector pathfinder Blaise Otium, teaches vital strategies of successful citizens of durational futures. A YAGA session will inspire flexibility, affirmation, and passivity. Plus free maps, colorful flags, Starbucks coffee and more!