EIN RAND / ONE BORDER: Defining Community through Neo-Lived Realism

Participants in our workshops learn desearch tools and utilize social media, business innovation, socially engaged art, pop psychology and Eastern spiritualities to create value for both personal growth and marketable content, eliminating the restrictive cost of paid positions and boosting our shared social capital. In our workshops post-relational value systems monetized and instrumentalized the social and cultural capital of participants, who learnt to harness powerful tools to colonize creativity authentically. By using the Status Quo Elements to build a unique pyramid of privilege and engaging in ideation challenges and personal data evaluation, participants exhausted their collective creative potential seeking the greatest social rewards in a winner-take-all competition scenario. Like an exciting reality TV show, our workshops offer the rewards of accessibility or the frightening possibility of having your human worth questioned or eliminated. ITʼS QUANTANAMO DAY!


MOTIVATE                 |    Stop Torturing Your Selfie

INNOVATE   |   Creative Prison Solutions

CAPTIVATE  |   Art Fairs for Life

Close your laptops, you are invited to enter the newly lived reality in this captivating two-day workshop! Utilizing post-relational psychology you’ll build on your social media value system and trade in cultural capital while you colonize creativity authentically. Activities include artistic play, team-building, role-playing, celebrity masks, prototyping, local exploration and so much more. Come experiment with competition and test your boundaries as you perform – for your life!


The Desearch Repartment’s Corporate Creativity Workshops for Art take place internationally in various cultural institutions – prisons and museums. They are part of the curatorial team of the upcoming Guantanamo Art Fair which counts renowned contemporary painter George W. Bush as a collaborator in addition to the hottest international durational performers in residence at Gitmo. The Desearch Repartment’s conventions of Neo Lived Realism tour leading cities of global cultural importance and economic dominance, melding the Essential Elements of Status Quo™ seamlessly into the tapestry of everyday life.

iPhone/passport for telling subjective stories about art and travel with our emoji-stamps. The emoji stickers are given points thereafter in a game, and the winners become “passport control” to chose teams for the upcoming prototype competition based on these themes: social media, airports, religion/beverages, emojis.