Institute for Durational Futures

Institute for Durational Futures

The future is durational and will be guided and tended with compassion and dynamism by leading global artists

This powerful web connects at the main hub of the new world order: a place of lasting creativity and enduring performances of art and life, the Institute for Durational Futures. Under the leadership of Marina Abramović this institute unites durational performance art with detention centres to create a permanent community of citizens performing for their lives. We are all connected, linked by a chain that goes on forever.

We’ve been working with Marina since 2005 on a merger between the MAI and Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. We ultimately intend a merger between all art institutions and prisons, to create the Institute for Durational Futures! The IDF unites time-based art practices with detention centres to create a permanent community of citizens performing for their lives. Our Gitmo performers are absolutely captivated by durational performance, so this merger is a natural creative extension of the current state of affairs.

We take much inspiration from Marina’s work with Adidas, where through advertising she adapts her previous socialist performative works into new affirmations of flexible labor and anticipated income – we are all connected: “the chain goes on forever”. Taking a cue from Marina and other global art stars we learnt it’s not crucial to pay performers in money, as they will willingly volunteer their autonomy and do repetitive tasks, like counting grains of rice, for the chance of earning “cultural capital”. Money is immaterial and ultimately trivial when you have a meaningful existence and an attentive audience to witness it.

With all her various well-placed collaborations, Marina has become the ultimate spiritual commodity and resource. Kanye and Vanessa Beecroft have a lot of work to do if they are going to compete with Jay Z and Marina!

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