In our changing world the concept of stability is becoming obsolete, and for future leaders and those seeking success, increasingly undesirable

In todayʼs information age, flexibility and problem creating are vital strategies for ensuring prosperity, not to mention survival. Flexible citizens deal with challenges by bending around them, or by squeezing inside, problem- creating, and explode them from the inside out!


Our focus is building tools for survival and prosperity to empower world citizens with skills for successful living at the zenith of neoliberal capitalism. Indeed our motto, “think fast, die less”, reminds us that flexible thinking is the key to the enduring viability of any pursuit. To this end, we are developing a new world order called the Essential Happiness Possibility, a quotient of success and approach to self-actualization, structured within a galaxy of social service networks. Supporting and cross-fertilizing these networks are the Status Quo Elements, the collected subjectivity of Carte Blanche, an embodiment program called YAGA – a new spiritual exercise tradition, caffeinated durational performance art – the most innovative visual art form, the protection and accessibility of the Third Space or Ein Rand (one border), as well as the new political party and art movement: Neo-Lived Realism. These tools and systems will meld seamlessly into the fabric of our lives. You wonʼt even notice it happening, much like neoliberalism.


We all seek personal growth and life fulfilment, but how do we increase our access to the benefits and opportunities we were promised? What good are dissatisfaction and existential anxieties if you donʼt point them inward – where true change begins? Is it possible to measure progress in a world of unanswered questions? Let the Essential Happiness Possibility teach you how to enhance your affluence and unearned privileges, and be cushioned from the diversity of adversities in the world. With EHP we harness the power of you!


By focusing energy on personal embodiment through the practice of YAGA you reaffirm that the answers to all problems lie inside you. But first you must discover your body-mind connection: the neck. By reciting A-words you can increase flexibility – making it easier to say yes, to almost anything! Each practitioner develops their own personal A-list, words that guide them as they develop their practice. You Always Gain: Access, Abundance, Authority, Autonomy, Attitude, Adaptability, Awareness – it goes on and on.


Status Quo Elements, much like people, are diverse, and they are all around us. The key to unlocking hidden potential is through identifying the elements that comprise your unique lifestyle. The foundational elements, like Home, Nourish, Land, Air, Hydrate, Chemistry, or Freedom, are the stuff of life, the basics that we all need, every day. The question is one of proportion. Do you have too little of some, too much of others? By discovering the mid-level elements, like Migrate, Connections, Democracy, Security, Story, or Content, your true individuality comes shining through, and untapped resources are discovered. Soon youʼll reach for exclusive top-level elements like Complacency, Translate, Maximize, Take, Yes, White, or Immaterial. It takes motivation to achieve full potential, unless youʼre born with it, in which case, youʼve earned it already!


Our Social service networks combine essential human services and our fixation with social media. Morefair Democracy is a network organized by Vanessa Beecroft and selected private security contractors, where activists thrive while keeping updated on safety, citizenship, and democracy. With Learning:Exploits!, a project headed by Thomas Hirschhorn, with Princeton University and Walmart, unpaid internships, education and migration are priorities, allowing cultural and capital exchange to grow. The network dedicated to the metaphysical, the Caffeine Centre for Spiritual FulFILLment, is an initiative founded by Starbucks, Oprah and Francis Alÿs that serves as a gathering place to get in touch with your higher power and inner power through group meditation, retreats, and specialty drinks. If these networks seem to have a creative focus, thatʼs because they are run by artists. The future is durational and will be guided and tended with compassion and dynamism by leading global artists. This powerful web connects at the main hub of the new world order: a place of lasting creativity and enduring performances of art and life, the Institute for Durational Futures. Under the leadership of Marina Abramović this institute unites durational performance art with detention centres to create a permanent community of citizens performing for their lives. We are all connected, linked by a chain that goes on forever.


With these tools and networking opportunities at your fingertips, late-stage capitalism will feel more like fashionably late capitalism – and youʼll stay yoked to the leading, bleeding edge of future trends! Come, discover what the Essential Happiness Possibility has in store for you!