Status Quo™

Status Quo Elements, much like people, are diverse, and they are all around us 

The key to unlocking hidden potential is through identifying the elements that comprise your unique lifestyle. The foundational elements, like Home, Nourish, Land, Air, Hydrate, Chemistry, or Freedom, are the stuff of life, the basics that we all need, every day. The question is one of proportion. Do you have too little of some, too much of others? By discovering the mid-level elements, like Migrate, Connections, Democracy, Security, Story, or Content, your true individuality comes shining through, and untapped resources are discovered. Soon you’ll reach for exclusive top-level elements like Complacency, Translate, Maximize, Take, Yes, White, or Immaterial. It takes motivation to achieve full potential, unless you’re born with it, in which case, you’ve earned it already!