Whi & Free Radicals

The Flexible Neck

Level zero YAGA really focuses on the neck area, it’s very important to stay flexible especially because this area can be fraught with so many chronic problems. When we have too many expectations, or are too rigid it’s very difficult to flexibly adapt to and generate opportunities.

So many suffer from muscle tension, migraines, tech neck, cancers, loss of voice, whiplash, spinal injuries, which are frequently connected to feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, rage and depression.

So just begin with a quick body scan. You don’t have to take a position, just

whatever position you’re in already is fine. You may want to close your eyes for this. Forget what you have previously known.

As you’re scanning the body you’ll notice some areas of tension or stress, maybe some pain. You just want to be vigilant, no judgement, just take some detailed mental notes of where these places are. These are just the areas where Free Radicals congregate.

With continued YAGA practice you’ll regain balance in your body, so these tensions will be neutralized and integrated.

Land Bodies

Our bodies are like pieces of land, we need to protect our boundaries and surveil the movement of Free Radicals and Whi to stay healthy and productive while keeping open Whi trade with other body democracies around us.

Remember, Whi constantly floats freely across skin borders fueling privilege,

producing power, and powering production. We enrich and enhance the labour of Neutralized Free Radicals with free exchange.

The Spine

In these movements we want to privilege and colonize the spine. Free Radicals

gather at the spine but too much conflict makes an area less adaptable/inflexible. You may feel some resistance at first but keep practicing and eventually you will discover your authentic mastery.

Don’t forget, you put yourself in this position! Whatever is is.


When we self-frack with State of Exceptional, we use our hoods to confine the Free Radicals in our minds. With this third headspace bath we can flush away any autonomy, contradictions and disruptive beliefs that are lingering and impeding our progress. Again remember that Free Radicals will sink to the rock bottom and once neutralized will float back to the surface (buoyant, like a helium balloon, like an air bubble).

Don’t forget, our hearts will go on and on! these converted Free Radicals will forever be indebted to you and your Whi.


Through selfmastery and selfsurveillance Free Radicals can be neutralized to the point of being undetectable. Don’t forget; proximity to people who don’t practice and/or don’t know their status is unsafe and potentially deadly. We need to eliminate these toxic people from our lives to stay with our own progress, happiness and comfort.